Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why is Homosexuality so Tenacious?

My home Girl "Officer Ruiz" shared this with me:

"The closest illustration we have on earth of the relationship that God has with the church is marriage, remember the Church is the Bride of Christ and of course Christ is the Groom. Homosexuality makes a mockery of this, because there can't be a true marriage with two grooms or two brides. So it seeks to distort and destroy the image of one of the closest examples on earth of what a union with GOD looks like. And should be like!"

I know we have all heard of "God didn't make Adam and Steve or Ada and Eve" and people can debate and argue it etc etc.

But let me make it even more simpler; 2 magnets of the same polarity push each other away. Even if you force them together, as soon as you let go, they push each other away! But when you have two magnets of different polarity, they IMMEDIATELY stick together. And you have to put in some work to pull them apart. And if they're powerful magnets. You might as well forget it.

You may say I cant compare an object thats not alive to someone who is alive and has emotions and feelings. I can! why? Because I'm illustrating a Law...A principle of how things were created to be and how they should be. If God made homosexuals, he would also give them the ability to make children through sexual intercourse.

Don't fool yourself, you weren't born that way... that's a spirit. Whether you believe it or not. Yea you can tell me it feels real and I can't deny that. Yea that's why it's called bootleg, it looks and feels as close as possible to the real thing but it will never be! Homosexuality is a knock off to Heterosexuality, much like a cubic zirconian to a diamond. Upgrade to the real deal!

Originally written circa 2006.

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